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A Guide to Cleaning Company Website Components


Getting your cleaning company new customer is one of the primary functions of your cleaning company website. Today, people look for some sort of proof that you can be trusted to do what you say you will do and that they can trust your company with their valuable property. They also look for your proven track record at being good at what you do.


The way to let people know that you can back up your claims is through references, quotes, testimonials, or 'before and after' photos, news stories, or interviews. These can establish your credibility. People place value on what others say about you than what you say about yourself. This is where social proof found on social medial sites comes in handy, in addition to what you post on your website. View plumbing websites here!


Don't forget that the purpose of your website is to get your cleaning company new customers. Even if you are not really a great user of social media, you need to make sure that you give a prospective new customer something that helps him with his buying decision. Here are some of the things you can do to achieve this.


People or companies that have worked with you in the past are your references and these are people who will vouch for the excellence of your work. You provide references when you submit the bid to a potential new customer. However, people visiting your website are still deciding on whether or not they will give you the opportunity to submit a proposal, so this is a great place to show some letters of references from existing or former customer.


In a less formal way, quotes and testimonials accomplish the same thing. They are also easier to get people to give you. If you are going to use testimonials try to also get a picture of your client. Studies have shown that readers' eyes are more drawn to images than to words. A picture with a first name, last name or initial lends credibility to the testimonial. More painting company websites here!


Before and after pictures are great because it helps to break up the text of your website with images. Most people would rather look at pictures than read texts and we all know the value of pictures. Make sure to get the customer's permission before using pictures and use a high quality camera so your pictures present a positive image of your company.


Publicity and awards are also important since someone else is saying how great our company is. Take advantage of and post on your site opportunities for local publicity and submit your company for community and business awards. They make a big difference in setting your company apart from the others in the market place. Read more facts about web design at